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May 02 2013

Private English Teachers

Private English Teacher or English Classes

Is a Private English Teacher Really Worth the Extra Cost?

Private English teacher

I’m a private English teacher in Houston, Texas so you already know that my answer to this question is going to be “Yes!”  But there are a few things that you should think about when you are making this decision.  I agree that private English lessons aren’t for everyone.

If you are in the USA on a student visa, you will probably be in an ESL classroom because you are required to be in school full-time.  When you are new to a country, it’s great to meet other expats who have been here for a while and can help you to get settled.  They know the best places to live, buy furniture, lease a car and where to send your children to school.  All this is very important information when you first move to a new country.

An ESL classroom gives new expats an opportunity to meet people and make friends from all over the world.  Very often, my students have never been outside their own country before coming to the USA, which is a melting pot of nationalities and one of the things I love most about this country.  An ESL class is going to be less expensive than learning English with a private tutor.  All these reasons are good ones to elect to enroll in a class instead of taking private lessons.


With all these advantages, why would someone want to spend the extra money to hire a private English tutor?  Let’s say that you can speak English well, but you can’t write.  Or you can read English, but you don’t understand what people are saying to you.  A private teacher can help you get through these challenges very quickly.  When a teacher calls on students in a classroom, it will be your turn to answer once every five or ten minutes.  When your tutor asks a question, you are the one to answer every single time!  And those questions are especially focused on helping you through your specific English challenges.  With a private tutor, you cannot take a break and stare out the window!  You are “on” every moment and, in this way, you will learn English much faster and in the way that is most helpful to you.

Your private English tutor is also your psychologist!  You can tell your teacher what is bothering you at work, what you like and don’t like about the American culture, or how you spouse is constantly wanting to leave and move back home.  And you have a wealth of information sitting right in front of you to help you while you are adjusting to this new environment.  I’ve tutored, acted as therapist, offered encouragement to students who feel depressed, counseled women on what to expect from American men and counseled men on what to expect from American women.  A private English teacher is a tremendous source of support.

Private English Teacher HoustonYou will spend less time with a tutor because you are learning at a faster pace and, in the end, this may mean spending the same amount or less money even though a tutor is more expensive per hour. You have the advantage of taking classes during the hours that you have free.  Furthermore, textbook companies are waking up now and publishing all sorts of business texts that are specifically for different industries.

Unless you are here on a student visa, you should consider investing in English classes with a private tutor, at least for a while.  When you feel that you can go to the movie or supermarket without the stress of not being able to communicate, you can transfer to a class and start making friends.  (Although, the truth is, I still go to lunch with a lot of my former students, who I consider to be my friends!)

Private English tutors are your biggest supporters!  They want to see you succeed.  I’m constantly putting myself out of a job because my students don’t need me anymore.  That’s the way it works in our business.  All the best to you in your adventure of learning English.

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