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Feb 23 2014

English Lessons Houston Part 4 “Business Phrasal Verbs”

English Lessons Houston, Business Phrasal Verbs 4

business phrasal verbs 3

Hi Students!  Welcome to Part 4 of English lessons on Phrasal Verbs.  In this English lesson, we will be studying phrasal verbs that are used in the American business culture.



Power ahead:  To do what needs to be done to get something done.

  • The Chinese government has powered ahead and the economy has grown stronger.
  • Come on!  Let’s power ahead and get this project finished on time.

Break even:  When a company breaks even, they make enough money to pay their bills, but not enough money to make a profit.

  • In 2012, my first year in business, I broke even.  But last year, I made a good profit.  business phrasal verb 4

Get the ball rolling:  To get started.

  • It’s time to start the meeting.  Mr. Yu will get the ball rolling and give us an update. 

Turn around:  When there is a change in business, for example a business begins to make a profit.

  • Last year our company lost money, but this year I think we can turn it around and make a profit.

Join forces:  To work together to get something done.

  • Last week, the software experts and the engineers joined forces to complete the project on time.

Table a discussion or project.  To stop talking about or stop working on something temporarily.

  • My manager agreed to table the discussion about the new budget and talk about it again next month.

phrasal verbs business 1  Scale down:  To slow down or to make smaller.

  • When BP realized that the reservoir project would be very expensive, they decided to scale it down and make it smaller.

Take action:  To do something suddenly.

  • When I realized that the computer system wasn’t working, I took action and called the IT department.

Deal with:  To do business with someone, or to do something about a situation.

  • Davi was coming in late every morning and our supervisor finally dealt with it and told him to be on time or find another job.
  • CNPC is dealing with many vendors in Sudan.

Get behind:  To support something, an idea or a thing.

I want to work for Tricon Energy.  That’s a company I can get behind!phrasal verb business 5

Stress out:  To feel nervous and anxious.

Last week, I had so many projects that I got stressed out and felt sick.

Look ahead:  To think about and plan for the future.  (also “plan ahead”)

The purchasing department is looking ahead and working on the budget for 2015. 


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