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Feb 09 2014

English Lessons Houston, Phrasal Verbs 2 “Turn”

English Lessons Houston, Phrasal Verbs 2 “Turn”

English lessons Houston turn 1Hi Students!  Let’s continue studying English phrasal verbs.  This lesson, we will be studying phrasal verbs that contain the word “turn”.  There are lots of phrases with the word turn and they mean different things.

Let’s get started!



  1. The word “turn” means to change direction or to go a different way.  Twist, spin, rotate are other words for this meaning of turn. Turn 3
  2. It can also mean to change into something.  To become is another word for this meaning of turn.
  3. It can mean that it’s time for you to do something.  Chance or opportunity are other words for this meaning of turn.

Turn up and turn down:  To make an electrical device go up or down.  Turn up is the opposite of turn down.

  • It’s cold in here!  Please turn up the heat.
  • That music is very loud.  Please turn it down.

Turn in:  When you complete a test, report, or project and you give it to the person who asked for it.

  • Last week, I turned my project in late to my boss.
  • I need to turn in my test by 10:00 a.m. this morning.

Turn 4

Turn in:  When you go to bed.

  • I’m very tired.  I think I’ll turn in now.

Turn into:  When something turns into something else, it becomes that thing.

  • Bruce Wayne turns into Batman when the commissioner needs help.
  • A small tree can turn into a large tree if it gets lots of water and sunshine.

Turn off and turn on: When you stop something or start something that is electrical, you turn it on or off.

  • Please turn off the light.  I’m trying to go to sleep.
  • Turn on the television.  I want to watch the soccer game.

Turn on and turn off:  When there is something or someone that you like or don’t like.

  • I like John, but men who smoke turn me off.
  • Maria is beautiful!  She really turns me on.

Turn 2

Turn out:  A situation or person that changes.

  • Jesus was going to buy a Ferrari, but it turned out to be too expensive.  He’s going to buy a Ford instead.
  • Petra was a little mean to me at first, but she turned out to be a nice girl.

Turn out:  A result or conclusion.

  • How did the pictures of your wedding turn out?
  • I cooked for two hours this afternoon, but the meal didn’t turn out well.  Everything was too dry!

Turn over:  To turn something so that the bottom is now on the top.

  • John turns over a lot when he is sleeping.
  • Turn the hamburgers over so that they can cook on the other side.

Turn over:  Something that changes.

  • There has been a big turnover at our company.  Many employees have left and there are new employees.
  • The factory has a low turnover.  People like to work here so they don’t leave.


These are the basic phrasal verbs using the word “turn”.  Practice using the phrasal verbs so they will become part of your English vocabulary!

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