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Feb 26 2014

English Lessons Houston Phrasal Verbs 5 for Business English

Phrasal Verbs 5, More Business English Phrasal Verbs

Welcome to the world of English phrasal verbs!  There are lots of them.  In these English lessons, we are going to be looking at phrasal verbs used in Business English.  Some of these phrases are also idioms.   When you become accustomed to using English phrasal verbs, they will be easy for you.  So, let’s get started!

  • Call it a day – to stop doing something

When I finish this report, I’m going to call it a day.

  • Cough up – to pay money

My boss is going to have to cough up and buy a new computer.  The old one is broken.

  • Put someone’s cards on the table – to tell all the facts, to tell the truth  Phrasal Verb Business 4

The management at Petrobras finally put their cards on the table and told us they were going to use another vendor.

  • Put two and two together – to come to understand something

This morning my colleague was very upset and after lunch, I saw him carry his computer out to his car.  I put two and two together and decided that he lost his job.

  • Weather the storm – to go through a difficult time or period

Phrasal Verb Business 1In 2010, Toyota lost a lot of money.  But they weathered the storm and last year they did very well.

  • Turn over a new leaf – to make a big change

After a year of big software problems, our company is going to turn over a new leaf and hire a new group of IT engineers.




  • To talk turkey – to talk openly and directly

The meeting went very well.  The managers were willing to talk turkey and we got a lot done. 

Phrasal Verb Business 2

  • Throw in the towel – to quit something because it’s too difficult

We’ve been trying to fix the problems with this old software.  But I think it’s better to just throw in the towel and start over on a new program.


  • Smell a rat – to believe that something is not right, to be suspicious of something    Phrasal Verb Business 3

When the group from another company visited our warehouse, everyone smelled a rat and decided that our company was being sold. 




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