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Mar 19 2015

Business English Houston

Business English

Describing Graphs and Charts   Lesson One


Charts and Graphs

Sometimes you need to give a presentation which includes a graph or chart.   It’s good to know which terms to use.  There is vocabulary to talk about activities that are going up, going down and staying the same.

In this business English lesson, we will look at vocabulary that can be used in presentations to describe activities on a chart or graph that are “going up”.

In Lesson 2, we’ll study vocabulary to describe something that is “going down” and in Lesson 3, we’ll look at vocabulary to use when something is “the same”.

When Activities on a Chart or Graph are going up

Used as a noun: Expansion

We’ve experienced significant expansion in sales since January.

Used as a verb: Expand

Sales have expanded significantly since January.

Used as a noun: Growth

You can see on this chart that growth has been slow since 2011.

Used as a verb: Grow

Between September and October, sales grew by 10%.

Used as a noun: Improvement

There has been a small improvement in revenue so far this year.

Used as a verb: Improve

Charts and Graphs 2

Revenue from local orders has improved over the last three months.

Used as a noun: Increase

There has been a big increase in our production costs.

Used as a verb: Increase

Production costs increased by 13% last year.

Used as a noun: Recovery (increases following decreases)

Marathon Oil had a big recovery after the difficult year in 2014..

Used as a verb: Recover (an increase that comes after a decrease)

Sales recovered at the end of December.

Used as a noun: Rise 

President Chu is glad to see a rise in new customers in the first quarter of this year.

Used as a verb: Rise

The number of new customers has risen in the first quarter of this year.

Other nouns: Upward trend  (a slow increase)

This chart indicates an upward trend in the number of barrels produced in Angola last month.

business graphs and charts

Other verbs:

Soar  (a big increase)

Prices of crude oil soared in the first half of 2012.


The rate of production of natural gas strengthened last month.


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