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Apr 05 2015

Describing Charts and Graphs Lesson 3/ Business English Lessons Houston

Business English

Describing Graphs and Charts   Lesson Three


Sometimes you need to give a presentation and use a graph or chart.   It’s good to know which terms to use if you need to talk about a graph or chart.

In this business English lesson, we will look at vocabulary that can be used in presentations to describe activities on a chart or graph that are “the same”.

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When Activities on a Chart or Graph are the same.


Used as a noun: reach a plateau

The number of new patients at MD Anderson Hospital has reached a plateau. The number hasn’t changed.



Used as a verb: plateau

The number of new patients at St. Luke’s Hospital plateaued in 2014.

Used as a verb: level off


Qatar Petroleum new research and development patents leveled off at the end of last year.

Used as a verb: maintain

As you can see on this graph, Sonatrach has maintained steady crude oil production over the last three months.

Lesson 3 2

Used as a verb: remain stable

This chart shows that Total natural gas production has remained stable for three months in a row.

Used as a noun: Stability

For the last eight months, you can see the stability in the number of new accounts at FMC Technologies.

Used as a verb: Stabilize

After the big increases in 2013, I would like to show you how production costs have stabilized since January of this year.

Used as an adverb: no change

I would like to point out that, since last June, there has been no change in the cost of drilling equipment at Conoco Phillips.

Used as an adverb: uniform

The number of new applications for offshore drilling rigs has been uniform for the past six years in the Gulf of Mexico.

Let’s look at a chart and describe it using the vocabulary from Lessons 1, 2 and 3.

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As you can see from this chart, our expenses have been greater than our revenue since December.  Revenues and expenses experienced a period of growth from December to the first week in January, followed by a sharp decline until March. After that, revenue and expenses recovered through June.  Looking at the chart, it can be seen that, in the middle of June, expenses fell below revenue.  We want to maintain this trend through the end of this year.


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