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Apr 02 2015

Describing Graphs and Charts Lesson 2 /English Lessons Houston

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Describing Graphs and Charts   Lesson Two


Sometimes you need to give a presentation and use a graph or chart.   It’s good to know which terms to use if you need to talk about a graph or chart.

In this business English lesson, we will look at vocabulary that can be used in presentations to describe activities on a chart or graph that are “going down”.

In Lesson 3, we’ll look at vocabulary to use when something is “the same”.

Going down 2

When Activities on a Chart or Graph are going down

Used as a noun: Collapse

BP has experienced a serious collapse in production in the Gulf of Mexico.

Used as a verb: Collapse

Marathon natural gas production collapsed in December of 2003.

Used as a noun: Contraction


Sinopec is experiencing a contraction in overseas negotiations.

Used as a verb: Contract

As production contracts this year, gas prices will also fall.

Used as a noun: Decline

Saudi Aramco saw a decline in the last quarter of 2014 in Venezuelan production.

Used as a verb: Decline

The price per barrel declined at the end of 2013.

Used as a noun: Decrease

The price of medical supplies has decreased over the last nine months.

Used as a verb: Decrease

Gazprom will decrease the number of employees working in Houston, Texas.

Used as a noun: Downward trend

going down 3

Oil and gas revenues have experienced a downward trend because of falling gas prices.

Used as a verb: deteriorate

Oil and gas revenues will deteriorate through the end of this year.

Used as a noun: Drop

Schlumberger has recorded a drop in service contracts since January.

Used as a verb: Drop

The number of fatalities in Houston dropped from 3,500 to 3,470 in 2011.

Used as a noun: Fall  Going down 1

There has been a fall in the sales of the new Apple IPhone.

Used as a verb: Fall (fell, fallen)

The number of complaints received at Target Stores fell last month.

Other verbs:

Nosedive  New SUV car sales nosedived when the price of gas went up.

Plummet  Blackberry sales have plummeted since 2010.

Plunge     The price of crude oil plunged in the month February.

Weaken   Sales of new homes in Beijing weakened in the first three months of 2015.


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