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Nov 01 2015

Idioms From Colors – English Lessons Houston

English Lessons Houston – Idioms from Colors


Hi Students! This is the 2nd lesson on American Idioms. These idioms have “colors”. Try to use as many as you can when you are practicing English.


Gray area – When something isn’t clearly right or wrong, no clear rules or guidelines

Example:   We are not sure if we can wear blue jeans to the office on Fridays. There is no rule, so it’s a gray area.

Blue collar– When someone works doing manual labor  Idioms from Colors 5

Example: My uncle is a blue collar worker. He works for a Brown & Root construction company.



Red flag– A sign that there is a problem

Example – When we didn’t receive our paycheck last week, it was a red flag that the company might be in financial trouble.

  Idioms from Colors 3To feel blue–   To feel sad

Example: I have been away from my family for two weeks working in New Orleans. When I think of them, I feel blue.

The green light – to receive permission to start something

Example: The manager at Odebrecht Houston gave us the green light to start the project.

In black and white – Something that is written and that is clear.

Example: At first I didn’t believe that the store was closing; then I saw it in black and white in a company e-mail to all the employees.

Out of the blue –   Something that happens as a surprise

Example: My manager said that I would be moving to Chicago to work for Conoco Phillips. This news came out of the blue!

A white lie – a small lie that doesn’t harm anyone  Idioms from Colors 2

My secretary asked if I liked her new haircut. I didn’t like it but I told a white lie and said I thought she looked very nice.

 Idioms from Colors 4Red tape– a lot of bureaucratic procedures; many steps to get something done.

Example:  When I went to the Chinese Embassy, we had to go through a lot of red tape to get our visa.


That’s our lesson on Idioms from Colors! If you come to Houston, Texas in the USA and you need private English lessons, contact Worldwide English at http://englishlessons-houston.com or call 713-993-6511.

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