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Feb 18 2016

American Idioms from Weather Lesson 4

English Lessons Houston-American Idioms

Idioms from Weather – Lesson 4

Hello Students!

In today’s lesson, we will learn more about idioms. Americans use lots of idioms, especially in movies and at the office.  The more you use and understand them, the greater your English speaking skills will be.  You will “fit right in”!

 “snowed under” – to be very busy, to have many things to do

At Brown & Root, we have so many projects, we are snowed under!

“weather the storm” – to go through a difficult times; to wait until conditions improve

Our sales at Nordstrom were down last year, but we weathered the storm and sales are much better this year.

Weather idioms 3











 “the calm before the storm” – the peaceful, calm time before you become very busy

All the visitors from Hong Kong are arriving on Friday.  This is the calm before the storm and we are trying to make sure everything is ready for them when they visit our office.


get wind of”to hear about something or learn about something

My boss got wind of the news that the company was going to be sold.

Weather idioms 5


a fair-weather friend”– someone who is your friend when you are doing well

John was always friendly to me until I was laid off from Atlas Oil.  Now he won’t return my calls.  I guess he was just a fair-weather friend.


to rain cats and dogs” – to experience very heavy rain  Weather idioms 2

The weather was terrible as I was driving to work in Chicago.  It was raining cats and dogs!




a breeze” – something that is very easy to do

I promised my team at Medallion Oil that this project would be a breeze because we have done this type of work many times before.


Weather idioms 4to feel under the weather” – to feel ill or sick

I was feeling under the weather this morning, so I decided to stay home in bed today.






throw caution to the wind” – to be careless, to not worry about the consequences  Weather idioms 6

My wife said that we did not have the money to buy a DeLorean, but I threw caution to the wind and bought the car anyway.






take a rain check”– to do something at a later time

My colleagues asked me to lunch today, but I was busy so I told them that I would take a raincheck and eat with them next week.


That’s our lesson on Idioms from Weather!  If you come to Houston, Texas in the USA and you need private English lessons, contact Worldwide English at http://englishlessons-houston.com  or call 713-993-6511.

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