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Aug 24 2016

English Lessons Houston – Make and Do

English Lessons Houston- Do and Make

Hello Students!

In today’s lesson, we will learn about when to use “do” and when to use “make”.  Make and Do can be very confusing for students learning English.  In this lesson, we will go over the rules about Make and Do and when to use each one.

Make is for creating or building something new.

Make a date or appointment or date

John and I made a date to have lunch together.

“Make a plan” –   Make a trip














We made plans to visit New York City this summer.

“Make noise” –

Turn down the music.  You are making too much noise!


 “Make a promise”-

I made a promise to finish the project by Friday at noon.


Make the bed” –

It’s a good habit to make the bed every day.


Make a phone call” –

Jing made a phone call to her mother in Beijing.

Make a decision” –

I made the decision to buy the Porsche.   Confused about the word By






Make an improvement” –

You’ve made a big improvement in your work!

Make a meal, food or drink”-

I made lunch for my wife today.  I made Italian food.


make food


Do is used when talking about a job or task.

Do business”

Last year, we did business with Petrobras.

“Do household tasks like cleaning, dishes, laundry” –

My wife did the dishes last night while I did the laundry.

Do laundry




“Do exercises” –

Nicole did exercises at the gym today for two hours.

 “Do your best”-

My children do their best to make good grades.


Do a job” –

Last month, our team did a job for NASA.


Do the wrong/right thing” –

My husband told me that I was doing the right thing.


Do homework” –

I like to do my homework on the weekends. 



Do for a greeting” –

How are you doing?  I’m doing fine.


That’s our lesson on DO vs. MAKE!  I hope you do well this week in your lessons!

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