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Dec 05 2016

Business English Expressions and Idioms – Talking about Business Success: English Lessons Houston

Business English Lessons Houston

Business Expressions and Idioms – Talking about Business Success

Hi Students,

Here are some examples of idioms and expressions that you will sometimes hear when people are talking about success in business.

  1. Recording breaking

    – to do better than one has done before

Examples:  Verizon Wireless had a record-breaking first quarter.  The sales were the highest in the company’s history.

Business Success 1

  1. Pan out – to have a good result

Example:  Wells Fargo encouraged its employees to open new accounts and it panned out.  Four hundred new accounts were opened last month!




  1. A pat on the back – words of gratitude or encouragement

Example:  The boss gave Rodrigo a pat on the back for his hard work last month.

Business Success 2

  1. Kudos

    – compliments for a job well done

Example:  Kudos to the employees of Bank of China for bringing in a lot of new customers.


  1. Through the roof

    – very high amounts


Example:   The number of sales of the new Apple IPhones are through the roof!  The number of phone bought is much higher than we expected.


  1. Share the credit

    – to mention that you had help from colleagues

Example:  Thank you for the pat on the back!  But I want to share the credit with my colleagues who worked with me on this project.

Business Success 4

  1. Make a killing

    – making a lot of money


Example:  I bought stock in AT&T when the price was low, and I made a killing.  The price is very high now.


  1. Break even

    – when expenses are equal to profits

Example:  We had a lot of expenses in our first year in business, so we just broke even.  Next year, we will make a profit.

Business Success 3

  1. To have the lion’s share

    – to have the largest share in the market

Example:  Chevron Corporation has the lion’s share of service contracts in the oil and gas industry.

  1. Hit pay dirt – make money

Example:  After breaking even for three years in a row, we finally hit pay dirt in 2016 and made very high profits.



Students, practice using these idioms and expressions so that you will become more fluent in American English.  Good luck!


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