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Jun 14 2017

Business English – Phrases for Presentations

English Lessons Houston – Phrases for Presentations

Hi students of Business English!  Here is a lesson on transition words and phrases that you might use in your job, especially for presentations.  These phrases are common in the American business environment.  They will help your English speaking and writing to be more professional. When you use transitional words and phrases, your presentation will flow more smoothly.

To introduce a presentation or outline a structure:

I’ve divided my talk into…..

First of all, I’ll….

After that, I’ll…..

I’ll conclude with…..

Here’s an example of how to use these phrases:

I’ve divided my talk into three sections.  First of all, I will give you a current update on how the project is going so far.  After that, I’ll discuss the changes that the head office has suggested.  I’ll conclude with our timeline and will take questions and answers after that.

Beginning the presentation:

I’d like to start by saying…..

Example:   I’d like to start by saying that the project is running on time and the head office is very happy with the work we’ve done so far.

I’d like to start by saying that our supervisor, Mr. Chu, couldn’t attend the meeting today in person, but he will be joining us by teleconference.

Talking about the future or past in a presentation:

As I said earlier…..

Example:  As I said earlier, we will be adding three employees from our finance department to help us develop the budget.

I’ll return to ……… later

Example:  I’ll return to the discussion about the timeline later.

I’ll say more about ……. in a moment

Example:  I’ll say more about the McDermott  reorganization in a moment.

Just to digress for a moment…..  (digress means to change the subject)

Example:  Just to digress for a moment, I will explain the recent budge changes.

Going on to a new section of the presentation:

Ok, moving on……

Example:  Ok, moving on to the issues of transporting goods to Sudan.

Turning to……

Example:  Turning to the diagram of the well-flow over the past six months, I will explain the situation and how we will solve the issue.

That brings me to……

Example:  That brings me to my next section, which is the change in the deadline for the year-end reports.

Concluding a presentation:

And this is my key point……

Example:  And this is my key point, that the new equipment will increase production and enable us to meet our delivery dates.

To sum up…..

Example:  To sum up, I believe we can finish this project on time if each of you can work until 6:00 p.m. this week.

I’ll be happy to take any questions now.


Students, I wish you great success.  If you would like to have SKYPE lessons or if you live in the Houston area and would like to have private lessons, please contact Worldwide English at julie@englishlessons-houston.com or give us a call at 713-993-6511.



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