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Sep 17 2017

TOEFL Grammar PRACTICE -Reflexive Pronouns

TOEFL Practice for Grammar; Reflexive Pronouns

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He, She ,It -Himself/herself/itself



They – Themselves

The reflexive pronoun is used


  1. To emphasize the subject noun or pronoun it refers to and to emphasize the fact that the subject did the action alone.

He does the work himself.  OR   He himself does the work.

  1. As the object of a verb when the subject and object are the same.

They travel together to work to save themselves the high cost of gas.

  1. As the object of the preposition when the subject did the action alone.

My elderly father is unable to dress himself.

Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronoun.

  1. University students push ____________ to make better grades.
  2. To protect ________________ from a lawsuit, the doctor asks her patients to sign a release form.
  3. The professor rides his bike to and from his classes by _________________.
  4. A young baby penguin is not able to feed ______________.
  5. Unlike animals that live in cold weather and have heavy fur, we cannot protect _________ from the cold without wearing protective clothing.
  6. I enjoy going by ____________ to the beach on Saturdays.
  7. I know you can learn to play guitar by ____________ if you will lessons on YouTube.
  8. Students, I know you can find your way to your next class by _________________.


  1. Themselves – students is plural
  2. Herself – we know that the doctor is a female because of “her patients”
  3. Himself – because the professor rides “his bike”.
  4. Itself – because a penguin is an animal and the gender is not known.
  5. Ourselves – because “we cannot” is plural
  6. Myself – because “I enjoy”
  7. Yourself – because of “you” and “your” in the sentence. Note:  we don’t know if the speaker is talking to one person or more than one person, so “yourselves” would also be correct.
  8. Yourselves – because the teacher is talking directly to the “students”.

Please continue to practice with reflexive pronouns, because they will be on the TOEFL test.

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Good luck to you on your TOEFL Test!


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