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Oct 06 2017

TOEFL Reading Practice

TOEFL Reading Test Practice for Inference Questions

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Hi Students!  Are you getting ready to take the TOEFL exam?  As you know, there are four sections in the exam:  Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.  In this lesson, we will study how to answer “inference” questions. The TOEFL Reading Test inference questions can be answered using the correct strategies.  Furthermore, you do not need to look for details.  If you are able to understand the main idea of the TOEFL reading passage, you can easily answer the inference questions.

The TOEFL test includes four types of questions on the Reading Test.  This lesson will give details and strategies  about how to answer inference questions.  As you know,  the word inference means that the answer is implied and not directly stated.  Furthermore, you need to think about the answer instead of finding it stated in the TOEFL reading passage.

Inference questions are the more difficult questions to answer in the Reading section of the TOEFL test.  To begin, the answer to these types of questions are not stated directly. Therefore, the answers are implied or understood.

TEOFL Reading for Inference 1


The TOEFL test will contain the following types of inference questions:

  • Which of the following can be inferred about…?
  • The passage implies that…
  • The author implies that…
  • The passage suggests that…
  • It is most probable that…
  • Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
  • From the passage, it can be inferred that…
Strategy:  To answer inference questions on the TOEFL Reading test, you must think about the logical conclusions.

TOEFL Inference 2

Here’s an example from the TOEFL with answers.

Lie detectors are properly called emotion detectors. For this reason, their aim is to measure bodily changes that contradict what a person says.

  1. What can be inferred from the sentence?
  • Lie detectors record a person’s emotions.
  • Emotions can contradict what a person says.
  1. What cannot be inferred from the sentence?
  • People always say what they are feeling. (Bodily changes can contradict what a person says.)
  • Lie detectors cause changes in emotions.  (No.  Lie detectors measure or record bodily changes.)

TOEFL Inference 3

Finally, here are more strategies for the TOEFL Reading test Inference questions:

  • To begin,  remember to go beyond the information stated in the passage.
  • In addition, draw a conclusion or think about what is implied.  For example, what the author of the passage means or believes to be true but has not stated in the passage.
  • Remember that the answer to the questions will not be stated in words in the passage.
  • Finally, beware of answer choices that go beyond what you can logically infer from the passage.  Wong answer choices will often be too exaggerated or overstated to be precisely correct.


That’s our lesson on TOEFL Reading for Inference!

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