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Founder Julie Muller

Julie Muller was born in Dallas, Texas.  From a very young age, she knew that she wanted to be a teacher.  So when she enrolled in the University of Texas in Austin, she chose teaching as her major and graduated four years later with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish, and a Texas State Certified License to teach History and Spanish.  A few years later, Julie earned a license to teach English.  Julie is also certified to teach Montessori classes, ages 2 1/5 – 5 years.  For Julie, teaching is a passion.  In 2010, Julie was invited to go to Beijing, China where she taught English for 1 1/2 years.  In 2011, the China National Petroleum Company invited her to go to Sudan, Africa where she taught Chinese business men and women for three months.

When Julie returned to Houston, she knew she wanted to teach foreigners to speak English and so she created Worldwide English, and began to teach employees and their families all over the Houston area.  Now, there are many great tutors working with Julie at Worldwide English.  All of the Worldwide English tutors share the passion of teaching English!

Worldwide English lessons are:

  • Specialized English lessons for Houston-based business people.
  • Tailor-made to help each individual in his or her field of work.
  • Based on our original assessment test that quickly and accurately assesses learner levels.
  • Taught at levels from Beginner to Advanced. All-inclusive and even includes TOEFL, TOEIC , IELTS, SAT and professional exam preparation classes.
  • Certificates of Completion for English levels are awarded after 25 hours of lessons!

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The English instructors at Worldwide English understand that each learner is different and that everyone learns in a different way. During the first English class, new students take an assessment test that tells us where the strengths and weaknesses are. From this point, we put together a specialized English course for each learner. In this way, all English lessons are taught for each individual learner.

At Worldwide English here in the Houston area, we approach our English classes from different perspectives

  1. We use the latest materials and technologies, carefully chosen for English lessons in the Houston workplace. The choices we make reflect years of experience teaching and listening to the feedback of business students from all countries, all over the world, and especially here in the Houston area.
  2. Once we understand what each individual learner needs, we tailor our English lessons to the particular profession and needs of each individual student. If the student needs accent reduction, we will make extra time for that. Sometimes the students need help reading complicated documents in English – we can help with that!
  3. Our English tutors travel to companies all over the Houston area.  Some companies want private lessons for their employees, and some companies want group lessons.  We are able to teach both private and group lessons.  For example, at the Exxon Mobil Research Center in the Woodlands, Texas, we teach private and group lessons!  In group lessons, English tutors teach accent reduction and presentation skills, as well as writing e-mails.  Because we are working with engineers in an oil and gas company at Exxon-Mobil, we teach vocabulary and phrases that are used in their department, which is Subsea.
  4. We can help in other ways too!  For example, our English tutors help with their annual review statements, to make sure that the grammar, spelling and phrases are correct.  Our English tutors even help by reviewing Power Point presentations.  We make suggestions for how to make the presentations clearer and easier to understand.
  5. Some business people want to improve their general conversation.  Our English teachers are happy to help with that!  We teach and talk about what’s going on in the USA today, what’s going on in Texas and what’s going on in Houston.  Your English tutor will give you suggestions for websites you can go to to read about current events that are easy for you to follow and understand.

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