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Worldwide English lessons are:

  • Specialized English lessons for Houston-based business people.
  • Tailor-made to help each individual in his or her field of work.
  • Based on our original assessment test that quickly and accurately assesses learner levels.
  • Taught at levels from Beginner to Advanced. All-inclusive and even includes TOEFL, TOEIC , IELTS, SAT and professional exam preparation classes.

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The English instructors at Worldwide English understand that each learner is different and that everyone learns in a different way. During the first English class, new students take an assessment test that tells us where the strengths and weaknesses are. From this point, we put together a specialized English course for each learner. In this way, all English lessons are taught for each individual learner.

At Worldwide English here in the Houston area, we approach our English classes from two different perspectives.

  1. We use the latest materials and technologies, carefully chosen for English lessons in the Houston workplace. The choices we make reflect years of experience teaching and listening to the feedback of business students from all countries, all over the world, and especially here in the Houston area.
  2. Once we understand what each individual learner needs, we tailor our English lessons to the particular profession and needs of each individual student. If the student needs accent reduction, we will make extra time for that. Sometimes the students need help reading complicated documents in English – we can help with that!

English Lessons Houston