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Sep 15 2012

American TV Programs for ESL/EFL Students

Hello to everyone from Worldwide English in Houston, Texas, USA.  Tommy from Poland recently wrote me about the series on Listening Tips.  He asked if I had any more suggestions for movies and TV series for ESL/EFL students.  I thought about that and in this post, I will make some suggestions for several American TV series that might be good for ESL/EFL students.  These programs feature actors that speak more slowly and are easier to understand.

 One of my students said that he likes to watch Monk.  This series is about a detective that suffers from OCD – obsessive/compulsive disorder.  So at times, the show is quite funny.

  Some comedies that I would recommend would be Everybody Loves Raymond, Ugly Betty and The Simpsons.  I don’t recommend Friends because I feel that the English is hard to understand. 

   In another post, I recommended Desperate Housewives and I still think that this one is a good choice.  The content is not great but it’s easy to understand.  (No, American housewives are not like this at all!)

Generally, a medical show like House or ER will sometimes be easier to understand than a police/detective show like CSI.  They are also easier to understand than many comedy shows. 

Lastly, I like Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel.  It’s cute and easy to understand. 

Did you know that you can download TV scripts to read while you are watching some of these TV programs?  Many of the scripts to the TV shows are located on the internet.  http://artofprogramming.net is one but there are several.

  I hope that these suggestions for TV shows will help you when you are choosing American television programs.  Happy watching!


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Sep 09 2012

English Lessons – Tips for Listening Part 6

English Lessons – Tips for Listening Part 6


Hello to everyone from Worldwide English in Houston, Texas, USA.  This is Part 6 of our series of tips for ESL/EFL students to help you improve your listening skills.

My first recommendation is a website called Listen-to-EnglishThe podcasts on this site will help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation and your listening skills. They are quite short (5 or 6 minutes) and delivered in clearly spoken English.  You can download the podcasts to your computer, or subscribe using iTunes or Yahoo, or listen to them by clicking the Flash player on the web page at the top of each episode.  The speaker speaks very slowly, so it’s good for advanced beginners and low intermediate ESL students.

Connect with English from Learner.org is a video instructional series in English as a second language for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 50 fifteen-minute video programs and coordinated books.  They speak with different English accents to give ESL students a chance to practice listening to different types of English speakers.

 Here’s our last recommendation – ESL.about.com  On this website, there are short listening exercises with multiple choice questions to check your listening comprehension and understanding.  There are also comprehension quizzes for listening skill improvement for beginner, intermediate and advanced ESL EFL English levels.  There are lots of topics and you can choose exercises from your own level. 

   I hope that this series of Listening Tips for ESL Students has given you some good ideas for places to go to improve your listening skills.  This is the final part of this series and we will begin a new series next time.  Happy listening!

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Aug 05 2012

Improve Your Listening Skills 5

English Lessons – Tips for Listening Part 5

   Hello everyone from Worldwide English in Houston, Texas, USA.  This is Part 5 of our series of tips for ESL/EFL students to help you improve your listening skills.  I have good news!  All of the sites in today’s post are free and all very good, in my opinion.  So let’s get started!

Ello is a great site with lots of dialogues that you can listen to and also follow along with the script.  Ello is for intermediate students.  What I like about this site is that you will hear English from different parts of the world.  That helps you to recognize different English accents.  If you’re a intermediate English student, this site is for you!

This second site is for beginners.  The site is called Rong-Chang (be careful not to get rang-chang.com  – I don’t recommend this site).  Rong-Chang has lots of different topics to listen to along with scripts to read. 

The third site I recommend today to practice your English listening skills is Real EnglishAgain, this site is good for beginners and beginning intermediate students.  They use different English accents, which I like, and there are dialogues with  very good exercises so that you can practice what you’ve heard.

I have a suggestion for you.  When you are listening to these dialogues, listen to one dialogue several times before you read the script.  Try to listen for words that you already know and recognize.  After listening several times, look at the script.  Your listening skills will improve faster this way.

Have a great day and I’ll be back again soon with English Lessons – Tips for Listening Part 6!

Jun 21 2012

Great Video on Body Language

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