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English Language Tip 1

Learn new vocabulary on your own!  Choose a “business” word that’s not like a word in your own language and use it seven times during the day.
Example:  The new word is “launch”.  “Launch” means to “make available”. Make sentences using the new word.  Here are a few examples:

Our company is going to launch a new product in May.
Perhaps we’ll have a launch party for the new product.
The official launch for our new product is taking place next month.

English Language Tip 2

Join a Houston social group that does something that you enjoy!  “Google” your favorite activity followed by the word “Houston”.  Then go online and see when this group meets.  For example, “Bicycle groups in Houston”.  Find out when and where they meet and jump in!  Don’t be too worried about your English – the people in these groups are usually very friendly and don’t mind if your English isn’t perfect.  It’s a great way to meet native English speakers, have fun doing what you love and get to practice your English.  There is a website called “Meetup Houston”.  Check that one out!

English Language Tip 3

Go online and read USA Today!  This is a newspaper that has is written at a middle school level.  It’s easy for foreign business people to understand.  It will help you to know what is going on in the USA and will give you alot of practice with your reading skills. Read it out loud for speaking practice too!

English Language Tip 4

Find dialogues in your English textbooks and memorize them!  I know this sounds a bit boring, but it really works!  You are saying the lines over and over to yourself, you are speaking perfect English from a textbook, and you are getting very good practice.  It will make a big difference, I promise!

English Language Tip 5

Watch English television!  Choose only those programs that you like to watch.  For example, watch your favorite sport or your favorite sitcom on television.  Don’t try to understand every word.  Just watch and enjoy the program.  Over time, your listening skills will improve and so will your speaking skills.  Hint:  On the TV series, “Desperate Housewives”, the English is easy to understand!

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