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Q:  What is the cost of the textbooks and materials?

Class books and materials for learners will be purchased and billed separately according to the learner’s individual needs. 

Q:  What if the student has to cancel the lesson?

English instructors will do their best to schedule available times to make up missed lessons.  We understand that in the business world, sometimes there is a need to reschedule.

Q:  What is your policy on cancellations?

Worldwide English has  a 24-hour cancellation policy.  Notice to cancel class received less than 24 hours before class time will result in a charge for that class session.

Q:  What happens if the student is unable to complete all the hours in the pre-paid package?

Packages are transferrable to other students and must be completed within one year from date of purchase.

Q:  Can I request a male or female teacher?

Yes!  We are happy to accommodate your requests.

Q:  I’m not sure what my current English level is.  How will the teacher know?

We offer a free on-line evaluation of each student’s level.  Also, we continue to evaluate a student’s progress so that you will know your current level of English as your classes continue.

Q:  My cubicle is not a good place for an English lesson.  Where will I meet my teacher?

We can go to any small conference room, in the cafeteria during the off-hours, or even in a vacant office.  There are lots of options for places to meet. 

Q:  How well trained are your instructors and are they native English speakers?

Our instructors are university certified teachers of ESL and/or English.  Many of these teachers have taught English abroad in Europe, Asia and South America.  They have a passion for teaching and enjoy teaching expats here in Houston. All of our teachers were born and grew up here in the USA.

English Lessons Houston