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Please contact us for pricing at 713-993-6511 or contact Julie@englishlessons-houston.com 

We accept PayPal, credit cards, ACH, cash and checks!

We strive to keep the billing simple with accurate, easy-to-read invoicing.

We will give you a receipt and invoice for your company.

We recommend at least two English classes per week, but we can work with a busy schedule in any way that suits your needs.

*Please take time to read the fine print!

  • Materials: Class books and materials for learners will be purchased and billed separately according to student’s individual needs.
  • Paid Parking: If paid parking is required, parking fees will apply per each lesson.
  • Cancellations: English instructors will do their best to schedule available times to make up missed lessons.
  • Cancellation Policy: Worldwide English has a 24-hour cancellation policy. Notice to cancel class received less than 24 hours before class time will result in a charge for that class session.
  • We offer pre-paid packages.

English Lessons Houston