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Welcome to Worldwide English, the number one company in Houston for English lessons in the workplace! Our company is designed to help foreign business people and workers learn English quickly and easily. Our qualified English teachers come to you! An English teacher will come to your home or office to offer English lessons at the hours that are convenient for you, during or at the end of the workday. We are here to work with the HR employees and expats of all Houston area companies to make the English language learning experience easy and stress-free!

Private English Lessons for Spouses at Home

We have experience teaching English to oil and gas professionals, legal professionals, medical professionals, engineers and any business person who would like to improve their English quickly and accurately.

An English Tutor to Teach You at  Your Home or Workplace


How are we different from other companies that offer English lessons in Houston? Through years of teaching English lessons abroad, our master teachers have developed a specialized English course that emphasizes English pronunciation, business writing and reading of documents, listening to the American speakers and lots and lots of speaking to help the expats become assimilated into the American workplace easily and quickly. Our English lessons utilize the best materials for business professionals. Our English teachers try very hard to make each English lesson valuable and fun!

For International Doctors:  USMLE Step 2 CS Tutor (private and small classes)

Oil and Gas English, Industry English, Medical English, IT English, Safety English, TOEFL Preparation, SAT Preparation

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Why is it important to have private English lessons in Houston?

Private English lessons will help you to learn faster. With a private English tutor that comes to your home or office, you will have English lessons that are tailor-made for you! That means, if you need help with listening, speaking or writing, you can focus on those areas and you will improve faster. Sometimes, you just need help with Business English or exam preparation. At Worldwide English, we create English lessons just for you!

How We Can Help you with Business Writing

If you are a business man or woman working in Houston, you may want to improve your e-mail writing. We will look at the e-mails you are currently sending out every day and your English tutor will make suggestions for how you can improve phrases that you use again and again. This way, when you send an e-mail, you can feel confident that every word is correct and that your English writing is proper. This is important in business, so that your colleagues will see that your English is correct. This can lead to promotions in your career.

How We Can Help you with Business Vocabulary

We understand that each profession uses different English vocabulary, phrases and expressions. You probably know the vocabulary of your industry and we can help you to make sure that you are writing and speaking correctly using your industry terms and phrases.

How We Can Help you with Conversation

Your English tutor will choose topics to speak about. To further help you, we choose topics about life in Houston! The sports teams, activities in Houston and important facts about living in Texas are all topics that you should know about so that you can speak intelligently at meetings, parties, conventions and luncheons. Your English tutor will be happy to explain the American political system to you so that you will understand what is going on when you hear your colleagues talk about politics, elections and government decisions.

How We Can Help you with Exam Preparation

Are you thinking of going back to graduate school? Or are you thinking about taking the GMAT, the TOEFL, the TOEIC or the USMLE Step 2 CS exam? Your English tutor can work with you to help you understand the exam and to practice each section so that you will make a good score. We do a preliminary assessment to see the areas you need to improve. Then your English tutor will help you to practice all the areas so that you will feel confident when you go to take the exam.

What Else Can We Help You With?

Your English tutor can help you with presentations, telephone calls, power point presentations, complaints, American health insurance companies, job interviews, writing personal statements for applications, studying for your driver’s examination and many more! We have many English materials to help you be successful here in the USA and in the Houston area.

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